Silver Thimble Award

The Silver Thimble Award is an honor that may be given to a member of Las Colcheras Quilt Guild each year.  It belongs to someone who has contributed more than her share to make the wheels turn smoothly in this organization and she is chosen by the outgoing President.  The guild president  may choose the award recipient or can ask the guild members for recommendations

                      Silver Thimble Recipients

2020  Irma Giron
2019  Dianne Herrmann
2018  Josephina Chavez
2017  Elaine Doornbos
2016  Libby Pruett
2015  Frances Campbell
2014  Cheryl Price

2013  Becky LeRoy
2012  Hattie Geisel
2010  Linnea Egbert
2009  Mary McKinney
2008  Rosemary Maddox
2007  Irene Davenport
2006  Pam Maddox