The Guild offers a variety of learning opportunities throughout the year. Look for announcements about guest teachers and lecturers, workshops, Turtle Camp, and learning retreats. Be sure to check the Guild’s calendar for special events and “challenges.”

National Workshops

Several times during the year, Las Colcheras invites national teachers to Las Cruces to teach their specialty to our members. Workshop participants pay a fee to cover the guest teacher’s expenses while the guild pays for transportation. The guest teacher lectures and provides a trunk or slide show to the membership at the regular guild meeting. 


 In-House Workshops

Workshops are given occasionally throughout the year and at monthly Sew Ins by guild members or friends of the guild. There is usually no charge to members for these workshops and the focus on these classes is to improve quilting skills or to create new projects. These workshops are listed in the events calendar and complete descriptions will be in the newsletter. Workshop signups are available at the monthly meetings.

Turtle Camp

This is a biennial, two-day, in-town retreat held in even-numbered years. It is a gift to ourselves for the work we contribute to the biennial Quilt Show. You may spend two days at Turtle Camp, all day, or any part of either day. There are demonstrations, workshops, door prizes, and a complimentary dinner is served the first night. Turtle Camp is FREE to all members in good standing.