Silver Thimble Award

The Silver Thimble Award is an honor that may be given to a member of Las Colcheras Quilt Guild each year.  It belongs to someone who has contributed more than her share to make the wheels turn smoothly in this organization and she is chosen by the outgoing President.  The guild president  may choose the award recipient or can ask the guild members for recommendations.

As outgoing president for our quilt guild during the 2018 to 2019 year, I had the honor of choosing the Silver Thimble recipient.  I chose Dianne Herrmann.  Dianne seemed to be everywhere I turned helping out with many events and projects, including being a co-coordinator for the quilt show in February 2018.  She ran the Southern New Mexico State Fair Quilt Show for our guild in September 2019.  Dianne also continues to sew and quilt many community cupboard quilts.  She is the coordinator for our upcoming quilt show in February 2020 and volunteered to be the present Vice President for Las Colcheras Quilt Guild.  Dianne has been, and continues to be, a source of support for all who need her help, jumping in at a moment’s notice.   Nena Turning , Past President

Silver Thimble Recipients

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