2023 Presidents Challenge

For the Quilt Show
 “What’s On Your Porch?”

  1. The quilt that you make may be pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, embellished, or any other combination of these. It may be hand quilted or machine quilted, with stitches showing on the back.
  2. The size can be no larger than 30 X 30 inches finished.
  3. A recognizable piece of the challenge fabric must be in the quilt. Any other colors may be incorporated with it.
  4. A four inch sleeve must be attached to the back. No glass or framed entries will be accepted. If any other hanging devices are used, they must have prior approval.
  5. A label must be on the back with the name of the quilt and the quilter. It should be the work of only the person entering the quilt in the challenge. Only one entry per person will be accepted.
  6. The quilt will be judged for the quilt show, but is not eligible for Best of Show.
  7. The entry form must include a statement about the quilt to be read to the judge stating how the quilt relates to the theme.
  8. Be aware of copyright laws if you use someone else’s pattern.
  9. LCQG reserves the right to use the image of the quilt for promotional purposes. Copyright remains with the artist.
  10. The dates and place for quilt entry and exhibit will be determined at a later time. All quilts will be displayed at the LCQG 2023 Quilt Show.

You are given one 10 inch square of challenge fabric. If you need more fabric, please let Dianne know. We have plenty.  dakotadi@hotmail.com