Tutorials, Videos Etc.

We are adding this page under our Education page and hope to fill it with tutorials, videos and other forms of media to teach and share techniques and expertise in the fiber arts. We will also be using it for this years Block of the Month and many other activities we are involved in. Enjoy.

The Sampler Quilt Sew Along                
Sampler quilts are a great way to master different blocks and have a finished quilt when you are done.  You can make as many or as few blocks as you wish and in the end you can choose which ones to put in your quilt. You can also make 2, so you have one for Block Lotto.

The first block in our BOM (short for Block of the Month, in case you didn’t know) is Rail Fence. As blocks are added all you need to do is click on the name block for you to read or print out the instructions for each block.

Block 1:  Rail Fence pdf
Rail Fence. doc  

Block 2: Log Cabin.pdf
                Log Cabin.doc

Block 3: Easy Card Trick Block.pdf
                Easy Card Trick Block.doc

Block 4: Sawtooth Star.doc
                Sawtooth Star.pdf