Guild Challenge

Las Colcheras Quilt Guild 2020 Challenge General Rules

“Red” OR “GREEN”

    1. The quilt you make may be pieced, appliqued, embroidered, embellished or any combination of techniques. It may be hand or machine quilted or both and the stitches must be visible on the back of the quilt.
    2. The entry packet contains one fat quarter of either red or green batik fabric. A substantial amount of this fabric must be incorporated into the quilt.  Any number of additional black and white fabrics or shades of both; gray is allowed may be added.  No other colors may be used.  This is either a red with black and white or a green with black and white quilt.
    3. The size of the quilt must be 30 X 30 inches finished.
    4. The quilt must have a four-inch sleeve attached to the back. No entries with frame or glass will be accepted.  If sleeve special hanging devices are required, prior approval is required.
    5. Your quilt must have a label on the back that includes the name of the quilt and the name of the quilter.
    6. The entry form will include a statement that will be read to the judge stating how the quilt relates to the challenge theme.
    7. The quilt must be the work of only one person, the original work of the artist and only one entry per person will be accepted.
    8. LCQG retains the right to use images of accepted work for promotional purposes. Copyright of work remains with the artist.
    9. The dates and places for quilt entry and exhibit will be determined at a later time. It is anticipated that the exhibit will at least be displayed at the LCQG Quilt show be in February, 2020.  All quilts will be exhibited at the show.

Challenge Entry Form

Fabrics used are Bali Chops Cherry and Peter Green.